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Post  Yoda on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:35 pm

Am I the only one who feels hugely disappointed and disillusioned after our FA Vase exit? After our professional display against Carlton, to limp out against a cynical but skillful University side is an enigma. I read that every team is allowed an off day and that should not affect the rest of the season. Well it does as it revealed the weaknesses in the side.

Cup matches are one offs and teams that wish to be successful do not have off days. There appeared to be an attitude that because the University team had experienced a horrendous start to the season, they were just turning up for a ritual slaughter. Nothing could be further from the truth. They came with a game plan and executed it to perfection. So where was our game plan?

The back 4 again showed commitment but could not cope with the students superior skill. We rarely won a ball in the air. I expected to see our midfield scurrying around snuffing out their attacks. The students cleverly went down the flanks by-passing our midfield. Too many players allowed this to continue. Our forwards were lacklustre and ineffective and the students cynical manner of play blunted any danger we posed.

So saying this, it is many years since I have witnessed one of the most appalling displays by a referee. Missing blatant fouls by their no.9 (as he should have been off before half-time), allowing the students to continually slow play down by standing less than 10 yards at free kicks, allowing the students to approach him and appeal as a committee of players on every free kick, spending over a minute in one instance to caution a player; these were just some of the justifiable criticisms that can be levied against him.

Time to get real. This needs to be the last of these inept displays or we will drop into mid-table mediocrity and run the risk of those new fans who have been supporting us of late finding better things to do on match days. On paper, this is one of the best sides that have been assembled in recent years so now prove to us that you are capable of fulfilling your DESTINY.

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Post  Loyal Supporter on Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:48 am

Agree with all of your comments.  The game was totally disappointing.  Complacency seemed to be the word of the day.   No one played with the same conviction as other games that we have watched over the past few weeks.   The past three games we have won 1-0 in the cup with an own goal,  drawn 0-0 and then lost 3-1 only scoring with a penalty.    What has happened to our forwards ?,  we need some more options.   The referee completely ruined the game yesterday,  he did not get a grip on the game at all and the majority of the match was played with bad feeling spilling over all over the pitch.   Also what happened to our supporters,   usually singing and chanting but hardly heard a word from them,  they usually manage to lift the players but I think they were stunned into silence.   Lets all get behind the team and hope that things improve next Saturday.   I think we have a terrific team but they need to start playing to their potential and start scoring goals.

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