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Post  Gibbo on Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:17 am

Apologied for no updates lately here's all the League and Cup results up to the current date.

Saturday 15th August

Shepshed faced on paper a tough FA Cup Extra Prelim Tie against Retford United of the Northern Counties East Premier. Although Retford hadn't gained a point going into the game they were equal to Shepshed in every department. Chances went begging at both ends with Retford hitting the woodwork in both halves. But it was Dynamo who progressed to The Preliminary Round of the FA Cuo with a late winner Matt Langham advancing down the wing and with Des Lycett outnumbered in the penalty area he turned the ball into his own net. Shepshed were then to face Carlton Town Away in the Preliminary Round FT Shepshed Dynamo 1 Retford United 0 att 181

Other MFL FA Cup Results from that weekend;

Coleshill 11 (Barlone4, Colbourne2 Smikle2, Weale Rtahbone, Edwards Ellesmere Rangers 0 att 121
Westfields 1 (Febery) Pegasus Juniors 0 att 247
Southam Utd 0 AFC Wulfrunians 2 (Anslow2) att 247
Quorn 1 (Wright) Oadby 3 att 161
Malvern 0 Sporting Khalsa 5 (Kinch, Robinson, Meese, Bannister2)
Lye 2 (Williams2) Coventry Sphinx 2 (Jackson, Piggon) att 80
Loughborough University 4 (Ward-Cochrane2,Barnes,Bridge) Barrow Town 1 att 74
Long Eaton 2 (Armstrong,Dillon) Harrowby 1 att 111
Kirby Muxloe 3 Heanor 1
Hinckley 0 Walsall Wood 0 att 241
Brocton 1 (Berks) Stourport Swifts 5 (Maund2,Shivlock2,Phillip) att 92
Boldmere 3(Agbonlahor2,Capaldi) Rocester 3 (Ritchie-Smith,Land,Brown) att 123
Bardon Hill 0 Dunkirk 1 (Whitman) att 61
Alvechurch 3 (Downing,March,Penney) Heath Hayes 0 att 88
Continental Star 2 (Reid,Smith) Bolehall Swifts 2 (Kadlambo,Thompson) att 69
Midland Football League Hughgate 2 (Brown2) Hereford 1 (Purdie) att 506

Midweek - FA Cup Results
Coventry Sphinx 2 (Blythe, Downes) Lye 1 (Williams) att 90
Bolehall1 (Kadlambo) Continental Star 3 (Reid,Smith2) att 48
Walsall Wood 1 (Holyale) Hinckley 3 (Adaggio,Nisbert,Walker) att 171
Rocester 4 (Corby,Demidh,Mottershead, Ritchie-Smith) Boldmere 0 att 68

Saturday 22nd August

Brocton 1 Shepshed Dynamo 2 - Pointless Brocton certainly made it hardwork for Shepshed. Dynamo took the lead just before half time somewhat against the run of play through Matt Langham. Brocton responded quickly to equalise in the second half and it was Sam Cravens header which lept Shepshed's unbeaten run in tact FT Brocton 1 Shepshed Dynamo 2 att 83

Other League Results

Westfields 1 Quorn 2 (Staniland,Turner) att 103
Walsall Wood 2 (Aiton,Taylor) Lye 1 (Nickle) att 82
Sporting Khalsa 3 (Bannister,Meese,Perks) Continental Star att 55
Rocester 3 (Demidh2, Williams) Hereford 4 (Haysham,Mills,Purdie,Hughes) att 310
Long Eaton 1 (Cooper - Richards) Highgate 1 (Mooney) att 94
Dunkirk 1 (Whitman) Alvechurch 3 (Huckfield, March, Ashton) att 55
Coventry Sphinx 3 (Blythe2, Downe) Boldmere 0 att 86
Coleshill 1(Hughes) Heanor 4 Benger,Boyler,Cooper, Gilson) att 143
AFC Wulfrunians 3 (Anslow,Lalt,Sedgemore) Loughborough University 1 (Herbert) att 74


Shepshed Dynamo 0 Coventry Sphinx - Shepshed's 100& record came to an end against a resolute Sphinx side who were happy at ruining Shepshed's record and coming away with a point. Despite numerous chances Shepshed failed to convert them and it was Coventry who came closest just before the break with a shot against the woodwork.FT Shepshed Dynamo 0 Coventry Sphinx 0 att 173

Other MFL Results from midweek

Quorn 6 (Staniland2, Richards, Hind,Thompson,Wright) Bardon Hill 1 (Eggington) att 85
Highgate 1 (Brown) Sporting Khalsa 1 (Lawley) att 68
Hereford 4 (Haylsham,Hughes,Mills,Purdie) Coleshill 5 (Rathbone3, Dainty2) att 2717
Brocton 3 (Fife2, Wilson) Rocester 0 att 67
Alvechurch 2 (Edwards,Huckfield) Lye 1 (Spray) att 65
Long Eaton 2 (Wells, Cooper-Richards) Dunkirk 0 att 195

Saturday 29th August

CarltonTown Shepshed Dynamo - Shepshed continued their impressive start to the season and could have caued an upset against Evo Stik Division 1 North Side Carlton Town by a bugger margin. Shepshed put Carlton under pressure from the start and within nineteen minutes although Carlton looked dangerous down the right hand side Matt Langham opened the scoring. Despite further chancesthe scores were level after a spell of pressure from the Millers a mistake clearing the ball left Shepshed's defence flat footed and Nangle level the scores.

Shepshed continued to be the better side in the second half and left it late. Four minutes from time Niall Prenderville's bullet header saw Shepshed progress to the 1st Qualifying Round of the FA Cup.FT Carlton Town 1 Shepshed Dynamo 2 att 100

Other MFL FA Cup Results

Westfields 1 (Cuss) Kidsgrove 1 att 118
Sporting Khalsa 4 (Bannister2,Kinch2) Cadbury Athletic 0 att 73
Stourport 1 (Willetts) Alvechurch 0 att 138
Newcastle Town 4 Continental Star 0
Rubgby Town 1 Coventry Sphinx 0
Loughborough Uni 1 (Ward - Ciochrane) Long Eaton 2 (Armstrong, Rickford) att 143
Leek Town 1 Rocester 1 (Carty)
Dunkirk 4 (Coutts,Whitman,Westcarr2) Bottesford 1 att 49
AFC Wulfrunians 2 (Anslow,Jevons) Romulus 0 att 93
Coleshill 2(Evans) Stafford Rangers 1 att 358

Midland Football League Brocton 1 (Berks) Bardon Hill 2(Brown,Hanslow) att 44

Bank Holiday Monday - With Rocester drawing in the FA Cup Shepshed were without a game Bank Holiday Mnday here's the rest of the MFL results;

Westfields 0 Hereford 0 att 1825
Quorn 3 (Alcott, Brooks,Staniland) Loughborough Uni 2 ( Rankin,Webb) att 123
Heanor 3 (Debouwer2,Cooper) Dunkirk 0 att 218
Coventry Sphinx 2 (Butler, Downes) Bardon Hill 3 (Disney,Fowkes,Tozer) att 70
Brocton 1 (Wilon) Long Eaton 2 (Armstrong,Palmer) att 54
Boldmere 2 (Luckie, Skimer) Wasall Wood 2 (Butlin,Taylor) att 102
Alvechurch 3 (Deards,March,Edwards) Highgate 1 (Robinson) att 130
AFC Wulfrunian 2 (King2) Continental Star 1 (Reid) att 71
Stourport 0 Coleshill 1 (Weale) att 169

FA Cup Replays Rocester 1 (Demidh) Leek Town 2 att 269
Kidsgrove 5 Westfields (Jones 4, Cuss,Reeves)

Saturday 5th September

Shepshed Dynamo 1 Loughborough University 3 FA Vase- The least said about the FA Vase defeat probably the better it was either we had a bad day or the Uni game plan was structured so well that credit has to go to their backroom squad and players. We under estimated a side who had one FA Cup win to note and were punished for it. A Ward - Cochrane each half the first a free kick and in the second half catching Shepshed in possession gave the Uni the lead. Matt Langham pulled one back with 15 minutes to go from the penalty spot but despite Shepsed's efforts to level they were caught outnumbered with Pearson up for a late corner. FT Shepshed Dynamo 1 Loughborough University 3 att 136

Other MFL FA Vase results;
Westfields 1 (Thomas) Atherstone 0 att 134
Quorn 3(Hind,Smith,Staniland) Rainworth 0 att 105
Pegasus Juniors 0 Stourport 4 (Maund2,Phillips,Shilvock,)
Highgate 5 (Cosgrave2,King,Benjamin,Lennon) Tipton 0 att 70
Lye 3 (Beasley,Rock,Nickle) Barnt Green Spartak 0 att 50
Coventry Copeswood 1 Bardon Hill 4 (Papparozzi,Brown3)
Alvechurch 3 (Edwards,March,Parsons) Lichfield 0 att 97
AFC Wulfrunians 2 (Sedgemore,Palmer) Pershore 1 att 66
Continental Star 2 (Mcmahon, Semedo) Ellistown and Ibstock 3 att 46

MFL Results
Long Eaton 4 (Armstrong,Cole,Wells2) Coleshill 3 (Barlone,Colbourne,Smith) att 134
Heanor 2 (Bowler,Debrower) Hereford 7 (Mills3, Page2, Page) att 402
Dunkirk 2 (Massingham,Coutts) Brocton 1 (Fife) att 67
Coventry Sphinx 3 (Piggon2, Downes) Walsall Wood 2 (Delaney, Griffiths) att 60

Saturday 12th September

Shepshed Dynamo 0 Rushall Olympic 0 FA Cup 1st Qualifying Round- Despite taking on a side two leagues above Shepshed found themselves unlucky not to be going through to the 2nd Qualifying Round of The FA Cup Matt Langham going the closest in the first half. A late scare Pearson deemed too have brought down Reid but Gaines penalty was saved by Pearson and then a late harsh sending of for Hoh but Shepshed more than comfortably hold on for a replay at Daw Lane the following Tuesday the winners travelling to Conference North side Corby Town Saturday 26th September.

Other Results from Saturday

FA Cup

Sporting Khalsa 3 (Bannister 3) AFC Wulfrunians 2 (Jevons, Brady) att 140
Holbeach 2 Stourport 2 (Maunds, Phillips)
Coleshill 3 (Colbourne2,Evans) Necastle Town 3 att 82
Belper 1 Dunkirk 3 (Bopp,Cotts,Whitman)
Basford1 Long Eaton 0
Barwell 4 Westfields 1 (Jones)

MFL Results

Lye 2 (Nickle, Northwood) Coventry Sphinx 0 att 70
Loughborough Uni 1 (Herbert) Rocester 2 (Brown2) att 73
Hereford 2 (Haylham,Page) Boldmere 1 (Luckie) att 2578
Brocton 1 (Farrall) Walsall Wood 1 (Harris) att 62
Heanor 1 (Naylor) Bardon Hill 0 att 141
Continental Star 0 Quorn 0 att 30

Midweek Results

Rushall Olympic 4 Shepshed Dynamo 1 - Shepshed exited the FA Cup las night but can take pride away from their performance. For the first twenty five to half an hour they were the better side and the loss of keeper Laurie Pearson didn't help but this doesn;t detract from debutant Alex Davies's performance who pulled off some fine saves including a penalty save. Reeve put Shepshed in the early in the game and Langham,Porter and Duffy went close to a second before Olympic began to impose their higher league experience. They levelled through Roberts on 37 and three minutes later were in front with Reids first of what was to be a hat trick. Reeve was unlucky not to level the tie straight from the second half restart but was thwarted by a fine save from Coleman two quick goals from Reid betwen the 50th and 6oth minute killed tie and he completed his hat trick Shepshed finished the game strong with Duffy, Meade and Reeve going close. FT Rushall Oympic 4 Shephed Dynamo 1 att 151 or 159

Other Midweek Results

FA Cup Replays
Stourport 0 Holbeach1 att162
Newcastle Town 1 Coleshill 3 (Leek,Colbourne,Smikle)

League Cup

Brocton 3 (Booth,Dell,Wilon) Nuneaton Griff 5 att 38
Stafford Town 3 Heanor 4 att 78
Sporting Khalsa 2 Heath Hayes 1
Pershore 0 Hereford 1 (Hughes) att 567
Dunkirk 3 (Whalin2, Green) Long Eaton 2 att 76
Atherstone 1 Coventry Sphinx 4 att 109
Alvechurch 5 Boldmere 1

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